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Wild in Devon

Wild in Devon have big dreams and great ideas. They’re drawn to natural history and the outdoors and since moving to Devon they having been working hard on gaining the knowledge they need and putting everything in place to launch their venture.

We’re not going to share to much right now as they are still beavering at it but something they said in one of our early meetings still stays with us, “We’d like to build the platform nature deserves.” We love that.

We can’t express enough how much we love working with these outdoor focused, natured based ventures. They resonate so strongly with us being where we are.

The brand we designed for Wild in Devon is inspired from the old herbaria we were looking at in books and museums. The beautiful, artful collections neatly laid out bringing some organisation to the fantastic chaos of nature in an effort to understand it. We settled on a minimal logo which offers Wild in Devon huge flexibility into the future and can be used to frame anything they choose. We loved this project.

Be sure to check out theirĀ instagram

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