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Collaborating on your story

Nestled upon a hill on Dartmoor sits Studio in the Sticks.

A small rural studio doing creative work with the brave, visionary, imaginative ones out there on a mission to change things for the better.

We collaborate with people that inspire us.

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Lomas Furniture is a creative woodshop situated deep in the Devon countryside

In his work Rodney strives to work with the tree, to tune in and allow it to guide him, to essentially unlock the furniture or piece grown within the very tree itself.

We had the honour of designing their new brand.

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Building meaning into your brand

Knowing that your brand truly represents your beliefs and ethos builds confidence within not only yourself, but also your customers.

A new generative brand for The Woodland Presents that is directly inspired and created from the woodlands itself, from leaf to logo.

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More than just a logo

Here at Studio in the Sticks we strive to bake the heart and soul of your business into your brand. The result is not only a unique brand but a tool for you to explain what you believe in.

Cambee’s new brand is pumped full of symbolism that stems from the foundation of the company.

Storytelling logo

How we see it…

There’s a catalyst behind any idea, venture or vision. Talking directly to the person who embodies that spark is usually an incredibly engaging and inspiring experience.

We’re a small creative studio nestled upon a hill on Dartmoor. Our mission, if you want to call it that, is to take that spark and find a way to visually represent it so that it can reach a greater audience.

We collaborate with people on their story and through thoughtful, considered design we bake their heart and soul into the end result.

The people who work with Studio in the Sticks are inspiring. They are the brave, creative, visionary ones out there on a mission to change things for the better.

We do creative work for those people.

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