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The facts

A little insight into Studio in the Sticks

We regularly find ourselves talking to our clients about honesty and transparency from a brand perspective. Personally we find it quite refreshing when a company is unashamedly upfront about their business. So in an effort to practice that ourselves, here’s some facts about Studio in the Sticks.

If you like our work and what you read below, then perhaps we should work together. If not, no problem, maybe we’re not the right fit.

Studio in the Sticks was founded in November 2013 and is run from a smallholding in Devon by Steve Arscott.

The studio sits within the Dartmoor National Park and lies just outside Ashburton. To get here you have to drive down a ½ mile unpaved road.

We’re lucky to located right next to a large woodland and we LOVE walking meetings to discuss projects. There are two dogs here and they love that too.

In 2016 we converted an old hayloft to a dedicated studio/work space.
We love it! Come and visit us.

We’re now a team of two and we work with a number of other talented freelancers when required and we don’t pretend to be any bigger.

We’re all about collaboration and much prefer to undertake projects where we can agree to our mutual satisfaction, that the value we are creating through our design work exceeds the price we charge.

There’s always something special about being involved in projects from the beginning and we’re happy to consult even if you’re a the planning stages.

We love the outdoors and with that comes a respect and responsibility for the environment. We have solar power, re-use all our paper and where possible use environmentally conscious printing methods. We generally run the place with as little impact as we can.

Currently there are 2 dogs, a number of sheep, chickens and 3 horses living here. We’re working on our veg patch year after year, learning all the time.

While we understand that time flies, if you can, please allow reasonable lead times. It amazes us how many people need something yesterday!

We’re super proud that about 90% clients are ongoing customers. We love feeling part of their team and being available to consult on design decisions. That closeness allows for deep understanding and bespoke solutions tailored to their needs.

The truth is, this website isn’t finished. We’ve been lucky to have a constant supply of work thus far, however this leaves us very little time to work on our own website!

So, what do you say?

You’re welcome to , tell us about your ideas and if it sounds like we’re a good fit, we can arrange a time for you to visit.

Hopefully we’ll hear from you soon, but whatever you decide to do, we wish you the best with your project. Thank you for your time and interest.

Ping us an email now!