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Sirocco – Catch

Sirocco were back with their second album, this time they created an original programme of modern works by living composers, none of which have been released before.

This album was very different to the La Danza album we previously designed. Much more experimental, contemporary pieces. For example, a description from the quartet about one of the tracks, insomnia, went as follows:

In a sleepless night one is not really awake, nor fully asleep, it’s like a delusional fever in which the perception of time and space is distorted, just as it is in this piece. Sounds, rhythms and tempos which are usually defined clearly are distorted and unpredictable.

The music took us on a journey, we could imagine ourselves in a woodland, unclear which direction to take, absorbing everything with all our senses… this is where the kaleidoscope inspiration was born. The Swallow was added because in folklore it was believed that the swallow carried two precious stones within their bodies: a red one to cure insanity, and a black one thought to bring good luck. This seemed fitting with the design and music.

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