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It’s OK not to have a ‘Why’

Searching for your 'why'? Finding it annoying and irritating because you can't? This is for you.  Great little read from Tim Le Roy.

Lazy: A Manifesto

A essay from Tim Kreider's, We Learn Nothing. This was the perfect accompaniment to an afternoon cup of tea on Sunday. Take a break, you deserve it.

Art is Theft

Creation is not inspired by one man, woman or one thing. We are influenced by our daily fair, diverse artists etc.

Boost Your Creativity

Here's 32 simple, daily exercises you can choose from to enhance your creativity. They're short workouts for your right brain, often with nothing more than a pen and paper.

Welcome to Trousertown

Great little documentary on HebTroCo's first year of trading. A new trouser company reviving a traditional manufacturing industry in their home town of Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire.

Solidwool Baubles

Limited edition Solidwool Baubles! Yes! If you haven't discovered the amazing Solidwool yet, check out their site. They've created a new material, a new way of working with wool.


We love Marie-laure Cruschi's illustrations. Beautiful!

Loop D Loops

Totally wishlisted these stunning stain glass "Loop D Loops". A fantastic collaboration between Vicki Turner (aka Feist Forest) and Flora Jamieson. So much thought has gone into every detail.

Third Wave Wichteln

Third Wave Wichteln is back, sharing specialty coffee with people in far off places. Try new coffees from roasters you’ve never heard of and send some to someone else.

The 5 Types of Personal Projects

And how you can justify pursuing them. Side projects aren't a waste of time, as long as you undertake the right ones. Article from 99u.

Meditation 101: A Beginner’s Guide

Are you new to meditation, and interested in finding out how to start a practice? Here's a fun video to show you the basics!